Our REO Program and You: Designed to be a Win-Win

We are committed to providing you with professional, honest and reliable REO services designed to move your REO assets as quickly as each market permits.

How do we do this?
We analyzed our service area and found that it needs a unique REO Program. Our service area consists of 12 rural Iowa counties. The largest town in the service area is Spencer with a population of 11,000 and there are many towns with populations from 100 to 1,000. Population and employment have been declining in the majority of our area. Most counties do not have property records on a website and only four areas have MLS. Your REO Asset needs maximum exposure. We provide far more exposure than any other real estate company in our area. Check us out, we are on REO Network and a member of National Association of REO Brokers.

We are the ONLY Real Estate Company in our 12 County Northwest Iowa service area that is a member of ALL Four MLS’s in our service area. We place your properties on our web site as well as and which is national and international.

Our REO Division is a full service REO Broker

We handle all aspects of REO Property from…

Loss Mitigation for Lenders
24-Hour Occupancy Check
Cash For Keys
Eviction Support
Lawn Care
Payment of bills
Overall Property Preservation

Some of the many things we do to make this program a success!

Use Mobile GPS to quickly find remote rural locations.

Use Mobile GPS to quickly find remote rural locations.

Have customized a computer database to identify and track all REO tasks for timely completion.

Have an administrative team experienced in BPO, MMR and REO Listing data entry.

We do not sell insurance or do auctioneering. Unlike many rural Iowa real estate offices real Estate is our only business. We focus on REO business!

Have a high-tech office designed to handle the vast amount of administration required by Lenders and Asset Management Companies. We prefer to communicate via E-mail on on-line forms rather than by Fax.

Maintain a database of Real Estate Agents in our service area. Where there is no MLS we see that all real estate offices have our REO property listing information. We encourage cooperation on the sale of our listings. We encourage other Agents to work together with us as professionals.

Work with a list of investors to move properties that lend themselves to being fixed up for rent or sale.

Use our 8-week marketing program designed to gain interest in the property.